Sunday, August 31, 2008

First Week of School Over

I know some of you have been into the swing of school for over a week now, but we just finished our first week....and yes, we have sick kids now. The week was hectic, but they did well. Avery goes 2 days a week to a Christian pre-school. Ian is in his 3rd year of PPCD. I really want to work on being more a part of the goal making this year for Ian's ARDs. I'm just not sure how or what. So, if any of you have any input, I'd love to hear. They would need to be for his age (he'll be 5 in November). I'm mainly not sure what is logical for the school and what is not.

Wish I could write more, but hubby is needing help with getting the kids to bed. More later.


Anonymous said...

What is with that! I had Lauren home the last two days of the past week. Now Matty is getting it. Kevin is in the throes of it. I heard RAchel sniffling earlier. Too bad schools don't learn how to keep all the nasty bugs from traveling from kid to kid.

Umma said...

We're still a week away from the start of our school year.

This year the goals for Monkey are going to be improved, last year we left them rather vague and we had about as much luck as you might think.

For Monkey we are adding sight words to his goals (starting with his name but also including other common signs used in the classroom) and learning to recognize the alphabet. Color and shape recognition are going in there as well.

We are meeting with our advocate this week (our IEP meeting is on Friday maybe) so I'd be happy to share other things that we discuss once we get the team together.

Betsy said...

I'm sorry! Get well, everyone!

Sunshine5705 said...

My oldest is also 5, I can't think of the specifics but I know that he is working on recognizing all his colors, and numbers. Also learning how to read his name and write at least the first letter of his first and last name. Every day when he gets home from school I do activities with to reinforce what was covered in school. I have his teacher send a note home each day letting me know specifically what he worked on.