Monday, December 1, 2008

Dentist = Vomit x 3

Ian went for his first dentist appointment a couple of weeks ago. Actually, it was his second, but the first dentist called it a "happy visit" since not much was done because Ian wouldn't let them in his mouth. So, in the meantime I found this great pedi dentist that we took Benjamin to when he had bruising on his gums (due to teething, ouch!). I had told her about Ian and she had heard of Fragile X. That's the doc for me!

So we get there and Ian's a little on the nervous side. I explain to the dr. that he will probably vomit because he has a huge gag reflex, particularly when he gets upset. Add in the fact that someone will have their hands in his mouth, and that's a recipe for disaster. He ended up having to lay on my lap with my legs around him. We just tried to talk him through it all. She didn't overdo trying to brush and all, but she did a good job at making sure she did what she needed to do. However, in the midst of it, Ian screamed and vomited.....THREE times! And get this, the dr. apologized to me because she had tried to keep it off my clothes.

As I made his next appointment for 6 months, I was already dreading it. The kid does better getting a shot at the pedi's office. But he was quite happy after it was all done and we got to get a burger at "Old MacDonalds".