Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Small, Fuzzy, DEAD

If you're a huge lover of nasty, disease-infested critters....Do Not Read Ahead....

You ever have those things that you just can't get rid of?  You know, like a stain in clothing.  You work and work, and spray and spray, but the darn thing just won't come out.  Then, one day.....you give it one more shot.  Lo and behold the stain is gone.  Remember that feeling of pride because you beat the stain?!  Well, I had my moment today.

We've had these annoying (and quite loud) mice.  I've set 2 different traps, 3 different times.  All 3 times on both traps the mouse has gotten the bait and eluded the trap.  And those things are NOT fun to set.  Luckily, I haven't had any squashed fingers.  Just bait thrown across the kitchen and a bad attitude.

Finally, I decided to use peanut butter.  The little sucker can't just pull peanut butter off like a piece of cheese, right?  Each morning I look under the sink and on the floor in the pantry to see if there's a body.  This morning there was....under the sink.  And thank heaven he was dead, not alive and kicking.  I honestly thought I would gross out, wig out, or just feel sorry for the little thing when this day came.  But you know what?  I felt none of those.  I felt like Rocky Balboa....a hero, a fighter, and utterly succesful!  Only I didn't have to suffer any of the punches.  DA NA NA, DA NA NA!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Asics - Try These Running Shoes on For Size


Okay, is it weird to adore shoes?  Cuz I adore these Asics running shoes.  They are by far, so far, my favorite.  They weigh nearly nothing and I almost feel like I'm running on air.  I don't want to stop running when I'm in them.  Extreme, I know.  We usually buy new running shoes every 5 months or so, depending on budget and how worn our current shoes are.  I've flipped between Asics and Saucony.  I'm back to Asics after this pair.  I want to go ahead and get my next pair because it seems we hardly see the same shoe twice at Academy when we go.  If I get them now, I don't have to worry about the tears and heartache that would come if I weren't to find them again.  Okay, really extreme now!  Seriously, great shoes.

Chicken Pot Pie...I did it! And Chocolate Pumpkin Muffins Too!

Two proud baking moments so far this year.  The first, homemade chicken pot pie:

I've never made a really good chicken pot pie before.  Now I have!  And it's all homemade (well, except the crust).  No cream of anything, no cans.  Even the broth was homemade.  Yes, this was a proud moment for me.  The unfortunate thing is that none of my kids like chicken pot pie!  That's okay....it just left more for Daddy and me!   The recipe is here.
The second, chocolate chip muffins:

I love it when I'm right.  To clear the air, it doesn't happen often (especially in cooking), but the few times it does, I like to soak in the moment.  I had told Avery we could make pumpkin muffins (Weight Watchers recipe...just white cake mix and pumpkin puree), but when I went to get the cake mix I found we only had chocolate.  After suggesting we try making them with the chocolate mix, I got horrified and grossed-out looks from Avery and my hubby.  So, I got on-line and googled "what muffins I can make with chocolate cake mix".  The second item that came up was called something like 3 Ingredient Chocolate Chip Muffins.  I definitely liked the sound of that.  When I clicked on it, take a huge guess what ingredient #2 was.........YEP, PUMPKIN PUREE!    Yea for me.   We made them, and they turned out so yummy and so moist.  Here's the credit where credit is due:  3 Ingredient Chocolate Chip Muffins. I found out this recipe is simply a tweak on the Weight Watchers recipe we make....all the better!  If you're thinking it sounds gross to mix the chocolate mix with pumpkin, you're not alone.  However, you really can't even taste the pumpkin after all is said and baked.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Little Chili?

I love it when my kids decide to try something new.  I love it even more when they don't really know they're doing it.  I made chili the other night....for the nice cool rainy evening.  Benjamin immediately reverted to his ole stand-by (and quite frankly, life support) - peanut butter and jelly.  So, as usual, he sucks down his peanut butter and jelly while the rest of us enjoy the chili.  I decided to try the old, "Benjamin, wanna try some of Mommy's?"  Usually I get a turn of the head with a very quick, "No, yuck!"  This time he decided to go for it.  I started small and hopeful, with just a bean.  To my utter amazement I heard, "Ooo, yum!"  I'm not about to stop now.  I raise the bar with a bean and some beef.  Same reaction.  Then I just go for the whole spoonful.  Who cares that he ended up eating all of MY meal (in addition to his).....the boy ate chili for the first time....and he liked it!

Any bets on whether or not he eats it next time?