Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Straterra Anyone?

Okay, we took Ian to his neurologist appointment yesterday. We adore our current neurologist. However, he does not deal much with FX. Getting to the point in life where we need to start thinking about medications, we really need a neurologist who is more familiar with the syndrome and treating it's symptoms. So, off we went. BTW, Ian did so great! I was so proud of his behavior. I really appreciated the doctor, his thoughts, and his personality. Unfortunately he will be leaving soon to join a practice out of state. Figures! But I decided that if I liked him, chances are he would have another doctor in the practice he would recommend based on what I would be looking for.

After asking a lot of questions and answering a lot of my questions, he suggested starting with what he called a less intrusive drug....straterra (and keeping the clonodine). One of the things we like is that it is an anti-stimulant instead of a stimulant like a lot of the others. He also said it isn't as difficult to manage the dosage and regulate. We started Ian on it last night. The doctor said it would take about a week or so to notice a change. So, we'll see.

If any of you have heard of this or have used it with your child, please give some feedback.


Betsy said...

So glad you had a pleasant doctors visit! You only have to have one horrible one to really appreciate the good ones! :)

fragilemom said...

Yep, found that out with our 1st pediatrician. Only wish we would have known better, and left earlier. We've been very blessed so have had good experiences with all the specialists we've dealt with.

The Other Lion said...

i have three cousins who take that. none of them are fx, but they do like it. doesn't seem to change their appetites as much as some other drugs.

日月神教-任我行 said...