Saturday, April 30, 2011

McDonalds Here We Come!

It's a wonderful day here in our household. First, Ian has been really good, behavior-wise. He's been enjoyable for the other kids to play with, and receptive to discipline when needed. But that's not the best of it....

I put underwear on both the boys today (knowing full well it's a risk with Benjamin in particular). Ian was playing with the other kids. All of a sudden I saw him dart across the house to the bathroom and shut the door. So I sneaked over to listen. Sure enough....pee! ALL BY HIMSELF! I am so stinkin' proud of him! And I let him know it! Wish you could have seen his proud face!

When the timer went off, I took Benjamin...totally against his will. Sat him down, and man...he pee'd a large river! But his underwear was dry. So, he got the accolades as well. (Especially at the thought of what it would have been like had he pee'd all that in his underwear!)

What would have made these proud moments better? Well, obviously if it would have been poop that Ian did in the toilet. And if Benjamin would have run to the bathroom himself to relieve all that liquid. BUT HEY! Ya take what ya get, and ya don't throw a fit, right? RIGHT! I'm lovin' it.

Oh, I forget to mention, that all this equals McDonalds time. Ian thinks we're going because he went potty by himself, Benjamin thinks we're going because he stayed dry and pee'd alot in the toilet, and Avery thinks we're going just because she's a little princess. Truth is....they're all correct!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Avery Saying Worth a Whole Entry

I emailed this to my friends/family and then decided it was worth sharing with all who would read.

Just wanted to share the latest "Avery saying". Warning: Not for the faint of heart. :)

Background...She's been having some bowel movement issues. We'll leave it at that. We had to tell her that if she didn't go, we were going to have to use a sapository. See if you can guess how Jim explained one to her....(the shape)

Today....she went into the bathroom to go. Of course she wanted me in there. (Nothing I would rather do.) She gets that look of fear on her face that it's going to hurt. So, me, being the cheerleader I am, start chanting a little cheer to encourage her. Pretty soon (longer than I would have liked), I hear several big droppings go into the toilet. She gets this big grin on her face and we high five and hug.

After she gets off, she says, "Mommy, I guess this means I don't have to have a bullet now."

Yep, for real.

Monday, April 25, 2011

My Baby is 4! Can't Be!

For some reason, for me, saying that my child is 3 sounds young. But saying that he's turning 4 changes everything. Maybe cuz it's closer to being 5. Who knows. It all still happens regardless. And Benjamin turns 4 today. We had his party weekend before Easter weekend. He had a lot of fun with his friends in the sandbox, on the trampoline, on the swingset, in the playroom, on the computer, etc., etc.

I ended up being pretty proud of the cakes I made. Since Benjamin LOVES the Veggie Tales song, I decided to go with a Bob and a Larry Cake. This being against my husband's opinion that I should just go buy a cake and not stress out. Hmmmph. No can do. Party started at 2pm and I started the cakes at 11am. Just finished them up as the first few guests arrived.

Ben really enjoyed opening the presents and occasionally tried to eat a piece of wrapping. The toy of all toys came the next day. Grandma and Papa got him a riding, battery operated John Deer Tractor with wagon. Fun, fun, fun. So, here are a few pics to share.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Survived the Scrapbook Retreat

We had our annual April scrapbook retreat this past weekend. Loads of fun! Practical jokes was the theme of the weekend. When introduced to 16 year Jessica, her first remark was, "Oh,you're one of the big pranksters!" So, Here are the highlights.

This was a prank gone bad. It was meant for me. Unfortunately for the ladies, I caught on a little too early and no scream was heard from me! (It's stuffed! They got the owner, Larry, involved in this prank. It's one of his.)

This is the infamous 'bird'. I found out this weekend that is a roadrunner. Anyway, Jill pulled a good one and it was hiding for me under the lamp when I went to bed.

This is a pic of the group of ladies who went. Great group of women!

One of my show we actually did work!

The bird again. This was actually the first joke pulled. After being asked to remind Jill to call someone the next morning, I decided to let the bird remind her when she got up to go to the restroom the next morning. It worked.

I'm sure the picture says enough.

Sharing in the joy!

We had a great time of prayer Saturday afternoon.
Sneak peak at the some of the wildlife.

Havin a good time.

My sweet great friend and coordinator of the retreats.

Hmm, the mango is a long story. Your secret is safe with me, Sue!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Time Flies

I can't believe it's been nearly a month since I've made an entry. It's late right now and gotta get to bed. Just wanted to let everyone know I'm still here. Hoping to get spring break pics posted soon. Leaving town tomorrow afternoon for a ladies' scrapbooking retreat. First of 2 for the year. It's great fun. More posting after I return.