Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Baseball Practice, Games, and Gymnastics

Yes, it does my heart good!  I actually get to say, "We have baseball practice", "No, can't do that because we have a baseball game", "Oh, maybe later, but at that time I have to take Avery to gymnastics".     Ahhhh, the joy of feeling like a normal mom for a bit.    Sounds crazy, I know.  But it really feels 'normal'.  Honestly, how often do I get that in my life?  Exactly.

We didn't put Ian in baseball in the spring because he complained too much about it....and it was hot.  Heat and Ian don't mix well.   For fall, I decided to sign him up and see what happened.   So far, so good.  It's Miracle League baseball, so it's not real taxing on him and they have a lot of fun.  This year, the coach has practices (Jim laughs).  But I think it works out much better because Ian gets to be with the kids more than just showing up at a game once a week.  He gets to get more involved in the game too.  He's even started to get out his baseball and bat at home (could be scary).   Basically, on practice nights, I just pack him up in the van and don't tell him where we're going.  That way he can't really think about not wanting to go.  Then on game day, I don't make a big deal as he's putting on his uniform.   If I don't make a big deal, he doesn't seem to make a big deal.   Since Jim is not exactly "Mr. Positive" with the whole thing, I've freed him from having to take him to any of the games and practices.  Works for both of us.  I get to take Ian and jabber with the other moms for an hour, and Jim gets to stay home with the other 2 kids.  :)

Avery has surprised the heck out of me with gymnastics.  A friend of hers and her enrolled for the same class, which helped her not be so nervous.  But even since the first time, she really didn't seem to have any anxiety.  After her free introductory class, she said she wanted to sign up.  It's been really good for her.  I know it's helping to strengthen her poor little low toned muscles.  She works them hard.  After her second class, she's still enjoying it and looks forward to going.  And me????  Well, I get to sit and jabber with the other moms, of course!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Chocolate Milk and Cookies - Something New

The other night after dinner, Ian wanted dessert, which is not so strange.  But he didn't want the icecream his sister was having like he usually does.  He went to the pantry and pulled out some 'healthy' cookies that Daddy kept telling him he didn't like.  He kept insisting on it.  Then, he started asking for chocolate milk, which he has NEVER done before.  We weren't quite sure where he was going with all this, but we followed along anyway.  So, he sat down with his cookie and his chocolate milk and a big grin on his face.  But wait.......

Then, he dunked his cookie into his chocolate milk!

I have no idea where he got this idea from.  I figure either at school or on one of the shows he watches.  But that little boy enjoyed that cookie and chocolate milk......and the success he had in letting us know exactly what he wanted, even though it was totally new.

Check it out!