Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Need Help Quick!

We are getting ready to start Benjamin's immunizations. We chose to wait until he would be entering the germ infested atmosphere of school. That time is about to start. He's 3. I believe that some of the earlier immunizations are dud now at his age. So, I'm looking for information on a schedule/immunizations to go by at this age. We opt not to do the MMR. The book I've read doesn't really give an alternative schedule this late, except for a few of the immunizations. If you have a good website to go to, a book, or a good email help, please reply back quickly. I have his appointment to go in this Friday. Yes, I'm a procrastinator. If I have to, I can cancel his until I get more information. Just thought I'd check with you all first. Thanks!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Little Angel is 5!

Ok, now that we're back from vacation, I figured I post about Avery's bday party from the 10th before our vacation details.

Avery had a great time. This year, we decided to make it a 'kid friends' only party. So, she picked about 7 or so kids (and their parents) from school and then we had 'non-school' friends (and their parents). She's the only summer bday, so she gets the swim/cook-out party over at grandma and papa's. Everyone swimmed, ate burgers and hotdogs, and had loads of fun. And we got an extra surprise because I thought my family wasn't going to be able to make the trip. They called the night before while I was away making the cake to let me know they would be here, but Jim forgot to tell me. So, it was a nice surprise to me the day of the party.

The highlight of the party actually happened before the party. See, I've had all the kids' bday cakes made by a friend of mine (who does an incredible job!) or by me (who does a decent job). I was so disappointed in the cake I bought for Ian's first bday, I decided no more. Well, after 6 years of having all the cakes made, I decided maybe I would go ahead and just buy one this year for Avery. Then I decided I just couldn't do it. It's kinda become a tradition now. Therefore, I decided to make my first icecream cake.

I needed to make it over at my in-laws so that Avery wouldn't see it and so that it would already be in the freezer. I wish I could go into every single detail of that evening and the next day. Hilarious doesn't cover it. The cake was supposed to be a sandcastle icrecream cake. It ended up looking like a sandcastle AFTER the big wave hit it. My MIL was laughing so hard I thought we were going to have to take her to the hospital. Needless to say, we had tons of fun making it. And you know what?! It tasted awesome and Avery loved it!

Avery's 'big' gifts were her violin, by mom and dad, and purple dress to wear while 'playing' the violin, made by grandma. She was thoroughly excited and missed both her violin and her dress while we were on vacation.

Another birthday gone. Another wonderful year with her has passed so quickly. I love you, sweet Avery!

Avery loves being thrown in the water
The dog cage was a big hit for the kids too!

Avery and her cousin enjoying a ride on the alligator
Grillin' Papa

Avery in her purple dress ready to play her new violin
THE cake! Remind you of Amatyville Horror House?
This was an extra special gift from Grandma and Papa that arrived after we got home from vacation!!!! Was actually a gift for all the kids. Wahoo!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Vacation Time - woo-hoo!

Literally on our way out the door for vacation in Colorado. Ready to get away from this heat for a while. Will check back when we get back. Have a great week all!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Did He REALLY Say That?

Yeah, so if any of you have kids like my oldest, you're probably broke from buying food. The boy literally eats more than I do. He'd eat an entire pizza if we let him. And 5 minutes after that pizza he'd say, "I'm hungry" or "guacamokie?"** This is no joke. Earlier on, people would say, well if he's hungry, he should eat. After all, look how tiny he is. Yeah, right. Let's just start all the bad over eating habits early just because the kid has no sense of fullness. Most who know us the best can now testify that, no, he shouldn't eat just cause he SAYS he's hungry.

Okay, so this morning I asked what they wanted for breakfast. And out of Ian's mouth (sheer accident, I'm sure) comes...are you ready for this..."I'm not hungry. I don't wanna eat." If I wouldn't have been sitting, I would have fallen. I literally went to feel his head to be sure there was no fever. Guess what I found out? The kid's got a great sense of humor! For as I'm walking away, he says, "Toast?"

**Guacamokie is Ian's guacamole...just in case you didn't get it.