Saturday, August 9, 2008

Friends are the Greatest!

You know, I often wonder what life would be like without friends. I think it'd be a sad, sad life. Tonight was a wonderful example of great friends.

About a month ago, my good friend had set up a date for her and her family to come over and eat dinner with us...they would plan to bring dinner. Hey, can't beat that. She set the date a month out. I thought, "Well, what a great planner." The night was to be tonight. I had tried to let her out of cooking dinner because her husband ended up going out of town and we had a funeral for another friend of ours. :( I thought that was a lot for her to have to worry about in one day. Nope, she was all gungho.

Then, I call her after my nap, around 4:00pm and told her she would have to ignore my tornado hit house of toys. She tells me that I'd better start cleaning cuz she had a surprise. I finally got it out of her. She said there would be a bunch of people over here for a housewarming party for us. Let me tell you, I was totally surprised. I just don't know how everyone kept it secret. I really thought she was joking. So, I hung up the phone and Jim and I started cleaning like mad. Sure enough, they came. We had a wonderful time! The kids loved having friends over to play with and they did great. No vomit! And they had all pitched in for a Home Depot gift card for us.

This is not the first time this family has blessed us in such a great way. They don't have to do anything and we'd want them for our friends. But they are so thoughtful and really really care about us and always go out of their way to bless us.

So, for anyone who thinks they can make it through life without the joy and love that comes with friends, think again. What a lonely life it would be.

Thank you to all my precious friends! Christ shines through each of you!


Betsy said...

I loved this post...thanks for sharing...a little encouragement goes a long, long way! And I bet they all got blessings in return!

Anonymous said...

How wonderfully amazing!!! I got teary :)

Kristiem10 said...

What great friends.