Saturday, September 27, 2008

Out of Routine

I'm sitting here at my sister's computer 3 hours away from hubby and kids. I got a phone call Tuesday that my dad had a stroke. It was one of those, "Do I leave now or wait?" type things. After a couple more phone calls from my sister, I was ready to leave at 1am. However, that probably wouldn't have been the best idea in the state I was in. Plus I needed to feel like I had things 'in place' at home before I left for an unknown amount of time. Finally it was decided. My best friend came to stay the rest of the night (starting at 2am), so that Jim could go to work in the morning and prepare for a sub then come back home. The rest of the details would be worked out by my hubby, best friend, and grandma and papa. I set my alarm to wake up in 1 hour (which turned into and extra 1/2 hour), packed up, and took off north. Hardly any traffic and NO rush hour!!!!!

It's now Saturday and I'm still here. I'm very fortunate that I can still be here....thank you Zane and Grandma and Papa.....and of course, JIM!!!!! And also to my other good friends who have volunteered to help out when needed! My dad had an aneurism (could have spelled it wrong). Luckily it only had a leak and not an explosion. The neuro-surgeon did surgery on Thursday morning. Hopefully my dad will get out of ICU my tomorrow. I don't want to leave until he's out of ICU. He's really disoriented and confused. I thought by now, his faculties would be a little bit better. He does generally know where he is, what his name is, what year it is...when they ask him.

We're just waitin most of the time. My mom is hanging in there, but I think barely. I think when none of us kids are there, she probably feels relieved to cry.

So, if you're a prayer like me.....please ask Abba to heal my dad and give my mom an overwhelming peace that can only come from him. If I new 100% that my dad would be face to face with Jesus, I don't think I would be struggling so much with this. So, in light of that, please be praying also that the Lord draws my dad to Him during and after all this.

Oh, also be praying for Jim and the kids. They have been knocked out of their routines and don't have Mom there. This is the longest they've been without me. Jim's done a great job of trying to maintain some normalcy, but you know how it's usually still the stable point. I am very proud of how Jim has been able to take over with everything so that I can be here. I know it's not easy for him. I love you, Jim!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Avery Saying

I don't normally post a blog just on one of Avery's cute remarks, but this one was so cute I didn't want to forget to post it.

I pulled out some pictures the other day, one of Nana and Papa taken 20 years gray, no wrinkles, you know. So here's the convo:

Avery: "Mama, that's Nana."
Mama: "Yes, that's Nana."
Avery: "Mama, that's Papa."
Mama: "Yes, that's Papa."
***Silence, silence, silence***
Avery: "Mama? Is that a NEW Papa?"

She is sooooo cute!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Oh, It's Been a Good News Week!

I adore weeks like this. First, the weather allows for open windows. Next I get great news about my kids.

Week before last, I had been getting not-so-great reports from Ian's teacher. This was after we thought he was improving on the Strattera. On top of that, his nights had drastically began to change, for the worse. He was a lot more irritable and aggressive. So we called the neurologist, who then up'd the dose to 20mg. I don't want to make an assumption since he's only been on the new dose for less than a week, but here are the reports:

Ian is being pulled out of PPCD for 1/2 hour a week, with an aide, into a real PK class. I have had a good report both weeks. The other day, Jim came home and said that the PK teacher wanted to be sure he told me that they watched a movie while Ian was in there, and after the movie, she asked some questions. Ian answered 2 questions....correctly!!!!!! SO excited.

Then his teacher told me that he VERY CLEARLY AND VERY CORRECTLY said, "Mrs. K, Susan hit me." And she commented on how he can read his classmate's names....she even had me watch him do it. His nights have amazingly improved. He still impulsively hits, but will say he's sorry a lot easier (still with prompting). He has been playing more nicely with toys. And, some words were on the TV (I think with Word World), and Ian pointed to the word "dog" and said "dog". I love these moments!

Benjamin's (he is 16 months old) ST and his service coordinator for ECI came out last week to do a DAYC test on him, which would tell about where is his developmentally. Results:
Adaptive - 16 months, Fine motor and gross motor - 11 months (still not walking), language expressive and receptive - 12 months, personal / social - 20 months, cognitive (the biggy for me) - 16 months. Wahooo was all I had to say about it!

Also, we have been trying to work on some sign language with him, but he just never seemed to 'get it'. He would always just look at my hands, or grab my hands as I would do hand over hand with him. WELL, the other day I cut up some more sandwich for him, asked him if he wanted more (I didn't do any sign), and he signed "more" to me!!!!!!! EXCITED! Avery just looked at me and asked why I was screaming.

Avery has had some very good progress with pooping in the potty. She's kinda on the regressing side again, but we just hang in there and praise her when she does it. Not to sound gross, but when she does poop in the potty, it's like the size of Manhattan! Why on earth would ya wanna hold onto that!?

Friday, September 12, 2008

Let's Talk Grandparents

Well, last Sunday was Grandparents Day. We really don't celebrate it, but I do want to 'kudos' my kids's grandparents.

My parents, Nana and Papa to the kids, live 3 hours away and are in their 70's. They love their grandkids so much, and I know they wish they could do more for them. They have 3 other grandkids where they live. My dad and I have improved sooooo much on our relationship since Ian was diagnosed. I know that sounds strange. But actually, my parents had a child with Downs that died at the age of 5. So if anyone in my family or Jim's can relate, it's them. That has meant so much. I keep praying that my kids will be the ones who will eventually lead my dad to a relationship with the Lord.

Jim's parents, Grandma and Papa to the kids, live here in town. They are only in their 40's and 50's (his mom married a younger man....go girl). I wish you could all see them with their grandkids. They have our 3 and 1 more. They would do anything for them. They even have my niece living with them while there are some family issues going on. My niece has no doubt of their love for her. They own a courier business (where I work part, part time). They are already making plans for growing the business so that Ian will have a place to "work" when he gets older. The kids have soooo much fun with they are there. Grandma and Papa have been such a tremendous help to us, especially when we've reached our max and need a break.

I could go on and on and on and on. But I won't. My kids' grandparents RULE!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ahhh, Rain!

I get sad to think about all the people affected by the hurricanes and other such weather, but at the same time, I am thankful for the rain it brings to us. I love rainy days...especially after really sunny, hot days. Actually, it'd be better around here if the humidity didn't hit as well. BUT, football has started, which means fall is here!!!! LOVE FOOTBALL, LOVE FALL! We were even married in the fall. Oops, side-tracked. So, my precious daughter and I sat and watched the rain fall last night. Next time it rains during the day, I want to take them out to play in it. I don't think I've once let them play out in the rain. Who doesn't love to play in the rain!

This morning we were one of 'those' people who have the sprinklers running right after a rain. We've all seen them, and we have all commented. Now I no longer comment. We haven't quite figured out the system in this house since we've moved in. I know it's not possessed, we just can figure out how to set it right. So hopefully others will drive by and think, "oh, they must not know how to work their system either", instead of, "what dummies!"

I've been digging out stuff to start working on Avery learning to read. Anyone ever use Alphabet Island? I'm going to a friend of mine tomorrow so she can lead me through the curriculum. Avey just seems to really want to read. She loves recognizing any letters that she can and flipping through pages of books, telling the story.

I think a lot of it is also that I'm feeling like I've got to see some academic learning going on in our house. After going over and over and over colors, Ian still can't recognize them...although he does understand the concept of what a color is. He just doesn't say the right one when asked. He goes over them in school, he's gone over them when he was in a separate ST, and we go over them here at home. I know, I know, I'm way too hard on myself. I just get so sad for him. After reading many of your blogs, I know Ian is not alone in it all. And he IS only 4 with FX. I guess with each new stage of life, I just need to remember God has blessed me with something new. And I know He will lead the way to how to get things through to him and how to help teach him.

Have I mentioned how much I love the rain........