Thursday, June 26, 2008

Can I Brag?

I'm sitting here drinking a chilled coffee recipe I got from My Five Men (delicious), listening to my beautiful daughter wake up from her nap singing "Glory, Glory Hallelujah" (that's what she calls "The Battle Hymn of the Republic") in her room. I'm also smiling from head to toe. I've been keeping notes going back and forth with Ian's teacher at ESY. I asked her to try to keep track of his behavior with other kids and let me know if he's hitting, pulling hair, pushing, etc. This was her reply. I'm not making any of it up.

"Not a problem! He's been the best of all our students - been minding quite nicely and keeping hands to self. I teach behaviors during the year as well as the summer - and Ian is actually one of our stars - will let you know if it changes."

I think our Faithful Father knew I needed to hear these kinds of things. She's had nothing but good things to say about him so far. Now, I was a teacher once and I know that sometimes we 'over positive' things, but believe me, I wouldn't add in extra positive statements if they weren't true. I was very pleased after reading how his 1st week went. I really hope he keeps it up.

Did I already blog about my fears after hearing one parent tell me her son did not start self-mutilating behaviors until after he started ESY? I can't remember. Anyway, that about did me in. So, hesitancy set in as to whether this ESY thing was a good idea or not. But, I figure if I just keep in constant contact and go up and visit a few times, I should be able to get a good picture of things.

Our days seem so nicely organized now. He comes home, we eat lunch, he watches a video and plays, and he easily goes down for a nap. Now, if we can think of something nice and structured for evening times, we'll be doing really great! I'm so glad we're putting him in AM PPCD classes this fall.


Betsy said...

This is so funny...I'M also drinking one of my iced coffees and popped over to see what you are doing! Great minds think alike! :) What a wonderful note from the teacher! That should keep you flying high for a day or so! And I love your girl singing...The Battle Hymn? wow...she's reallyl something! It's almost July 4th...she's ready early! :)

Betsy said...

P.S. I've added you to my nice to have another bloggy friend! :)

Jen said...

That's great!
It's funny how just like "average" children, children with FX can have a home personality and a school one. Matt is a chatter-box at home---quiet as can be at school. Matt also used to leave AWFUL scratch marks on Kyle's neck when he was younger. He has NEVER been aggressive to anyone else.

FXSmom said...

I just love it when things go in the right direction :)

Kristiem10 said...

She sounds like a really nice teacher.

Landon Andrew said...

hello! I found your blog through other blogs. I also have a 2 year old son with FXS. I would love to talk to you. My e-mail address is We have known for about 6 months. are you attending the conference this summer in St. Louis?

Sueblimely said...

I am glad he is going well with his program. I remember worrying when Alex started special school that being such a mimic he would pick up bad behaviours. I did not need to worry as he seems to have an inbuilt desire to do the right thing.

He has had glowing reports from his teachers each year about him being a pleasure to teach.
Another phase for him next year when he leaves school and starts in a day center - sigh. He is going to miss his school mates so much.