Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Furniture and Stuff

Here is the furniture set that we got for Avery's room - headboard, nightstand and dresser (has mirror too). It's all real wood and all handpainted. You probably can't tell from the picture, but some of the butterflies, bees, tulips are raised. It's sooooo cute. We're going to give her room a 'garden' theme. We've already painted, so now to hang pictures. I have several that a good friend gave me. I'm a procrastinator and very undecisive person, so getting them up will be a feat for me.

Other stuff: Jim's last day of teaching summer school is today. He is sooooo relieved. This is his hardest summer school so far. Ian is still doing great in ESY. He's starting to get a little more comfortable, so we'll see if his behavior changes any. I'm praying he keeps up the way he's been. The teacher is really trying to get him to use the potty and stay dry while there so she can go for the real underwear......go girl! I got to meet her today at a splash time the kids had up at the school. She seems just as nice as she does in the notes she writes to me.

Other, other stuff: Benjamin went to the dentist the other day for the first time. It was more of a consultation, not a cleaning. He went in for the bruising he's been having on his gums. The right side finally popped a tooth through and quit bruising. His left side is still swollen and bruised. She confirmed that it's just a tooth waiting to come as well. It's called a something hematoma. She said it doesn't happen often, but it does happen. So, we'll just wait.

Also, has anyone done PECS with their child? Our ST recommended trying it with Benjamin since he has no real vocabulary yet. It seems to take a lot of commitment. I'm really going to work hard at it, and hopefully get my husband into it more. He's more of a "if it doesn't show results in a day, I'm not gonna do it" type thinker. So if any of you have done it and would like to comment about it, please, please do. I'd love to hear others' stories with it.


Betsy said...

The furniture is adorable! :)

We did PECS with all three of our triplets for about 5 years. It was great! I wish we had continued it longer, especially for our's a long story with a breakdown in communications and changes in speech therapists and special ed teachers. They pick up on it soooo fast. It's wonderful, in my opinion. I think you will be pleased!

Anonymous said...

That set is gorgeous. We do the FACES programs for Matty. I don't know much about PECS. Sorry :(

Paula Fasciano said...

BEAUTIFUL furniture...that's what I miss about having boys only...I don't get to buy girly things like that!

We did PECS with both boys...older one used it much longer b/c it took him much longer to talk. Neither one of my kids ever got to apoint where they were piecing sentences together with the pictures, but it was more of a show me what you want type of tool.

The Other Lion said...

I used real photo-quality pictures first. I made a little photo album of pictures of me, some of his toys, and every day stuff around the house. I would show him the picture and point out how it was the same as the actual object. I would also do the sign if I knew it. I focused on a few at a time, but we "read" the book multiple times a day because he loved it. After he started getting that the pictures represented objects (I knew because he started pointing and looking to me for a label), I put up a few of the same pictures on the wall so he could show me what he wanted. I had to model it a few times, but he picked it up pretty quickly. I've just now -- almost 2 years later -- started using some PECS, although I know they use more of them at his preschool. I use them in the exact same way. They're nice sometimes because they can represent something more broad like "play" or "work" rather than a specific object like "blanket."