Monday, June 23, 2008

ESY in Progress

Ian's extended year started today. We decided that although we live very close to the school he where he will be going, we would go ahead and let him ride the bus. I started to have huge reservations last night and this morning. I thought I would cry putting him on the bus. I kept thinking, "Oh, I'm letting someone take him away without me, to a strange school, with a strange teacher. How could I!" Well, he did what I figured he'd do. I got right on the bus! Then 3 hours later, he got right off the bus! The note in his folder said he had a good day and that he was a doll. (Hope I get that remark clear til the end!) They even said that if I wanted to let him wear 'big boy underwear' while potty training, they would do that as long as I didn't mind doing the laundry! Got me thinking!

Ian was famished when he got home. That was a good thing, as he told me exactly what he wanted for lunch and he ate it all without a word! No goofing around, no vomiting, no laughing at Avery who was right across the table from him. It was wonderful.

Then, he watched Barney and part of Word World, then didn't argue a bit when I said it was naptime. OMG! As a matter of fact, they all went down without a fuss.


Okay, seriously, it has been a very good day.


Kristiem10 said...

Sounds wonderful! I wish we had ESY here. I am excited that Blake is going to vacation bible school, though.

FXSmom said...'s really happening :)