Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Worst Morning EVER

Need I say more?
Last Thursday morning. It started out an incredibly good day. I had the 3 kids up, dressed, fed and out the door at 7:30am for Avery's and Ian's 8:00am and 8:30am dentist appointments. All were in good spirits. About 5 minutes after being in the waiting room, Benjamin falls off a chair. So I do the usual...pick him up, cuddle him, then pull him away to check for blood. Usually it's a minor lip cut or scrape. Not this time. There was blood everywhere. I freaked. Long story short, I handed him to a nurse and gathered the other two up to follow. As I handed Benjamin to the nurse, I noticed it looked like he had a hole in his mouth. I ran back to the scene and yep, there's his tooth...the entire tooth, just as if he had had an extraction.

All kinds of things were running through my brain.....why did I bring all three, how long will he be without the tooth, how much pain is he in, how bad am I throwing the dentist office off schedule, oh what a horrible mom I am, and of course, OMG pictures are coming up!

Again, long story short, they asked if I could hold Benjamin. I couldn't because I was about to pass out. So they got me some water, rubbed my back, asked if I'd had anything to eat, and told me not to look at the blood. I'm crying, crying, crying. Then I notice the other 2 are not with me. Freaked again. They had taken them back out front and said the staff was watching them. Okay, that's good. After about an hour of putting pressure on Ben's gums, they managed to somewhat stop the bleeding and get him (and me) calmed down.

In the meantime, they had managed to get Ian and Avery to go back to the room without me for their appointments. When I walked into the room they had already gotten both kids' teeth cleaned....first time Ian's ever let them brush his teeth! They were just trying to get him to lay in the chair when I walked in so they could look at his teeth. I held him on my lap and he was doing good....until the hygenist put her finger in just a bit too far...vomit. I was done with the bodily fluids! Luckily it was just a little and he never pitched a fit.

Ben has managed to recoup. I have to deal with him having a missing tooth for a couple of years. I guess it was a good thing it was one of the boys and not my girl. Looks a bit more natural on a boy.

I just adore the dentist we go to for the kids. There's actually 2 in the office. The one who happened to be there when all the excitement started wasn't even the one they had their appointments with, but she chose anyway to stay and do all she could to get the situation manageable. I wrote them a thank you card today. They are just awesome!


Bonnie said...

Oh my goodness. Well, if you're going to knock a tooth out, do it while you are at a dentist's office, right? Glad you survived, and you know what I'd have been thinking? "I can't wait to go home and blog about this...." ;-)

Sarah said...

What a day! Yes, it's good you were in the dentist's office.

Vicki Davis said...

Yikes! That is so scary.

Umma said...

That IS a bad day! I would have passed slap out and/or thrown up at least twice based on your description! Good for you all for surviving and YAY for Ian letting them clean his teeth!!

Jen said...

Wow! That was crazy! It's bad enough going to the dentist...and then that happens!? I can't believe how completely knocked out the tooth was...it looks huge!