Wednesday, March 10, 2010 school?!

We went to the school district evaluation for Benjamin so he could get into the PPCD program at his 3 year birthday next month (yikes, can't believe he'll be 3!). It was such a strange thing to watch him during the evaluation vs. watching Ian at the same evaluation when he was 3 (3 years ago). Benjamin just seems way ahead of what Ian was....except for language. He did things I didn't even think he'd do, and although his attention span was one to be expected of a 2 year old, it was still greater than Ian's attention span at each task. I have to admit, I was wondering how much he was getting 'right' and how much was just 'luck'. Whichever, he was so fun to watch. He was even quite verbal. He definitely qualifies for the program and services under the language umbrella. They are also going to put him as NCEC (or something like that), which is basically like NOS, until time to re-eval for MR or other needs in a few years. So, now we just have to get his ARD scheduled.

The evaluators kept trying to tell me that he would have to go to his 'home district' school because the school where we would transfer him is full in their PPCD program. I kept trying to tell them that I've already talked to the PPCD teacher and they were going to take him. I think they get upset at that. Oh well. I'll survive. Anyway, sure enough, they called during the day to let me know I would just need to get the principal's okay for Benjamin to transfer in. No problem!

Now my emotions. OMG, by the end of April I will have all 3 kids going to school, and all will be going 5 days a week....mixture of 1/2 days and full days. How am I feeling? Not quite sure. I'm thinking I will be crying to see Benjamin going. He's my baby, and we've gotten A LOT of mommy/son time over this last school year with Ian being in school full days and Avery going 3 days a week. Hmm, I guess we'll see soon.

I know I will get used to it. Although I would NEVER in a million years give up my time with my children, it will be kinda nice to be able to concentrate on getting things done I've been wanting to get done around the house, as well as actually following through at putting school things together for the kids to be doing at home. It will also be nice to know I will be able to go to the kids' parties and programs kidless. Benjamin is such a busy-body that I usually don't choose to take him, although he's gone to one party and one program this year (did great at the program, not so great at the party).

That's about it in a nutshell. Oh, I also wanted to brag more on the kids' dentist. I did write them a thank you card. The day I mailed it, I got a card in the mail from them as well.....well it was actually addressed to and written to Benjamin. They were checking up on him and hoping he was doing well. They also wrote in the note that they hoped Mommy was okay too cause I was so worried about him. How awesome (and rare) is that?! (the note, not the worry)

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