Monday, March 29, 2010

41 and Red.....Red?????

Yep, that would be me. I turned 41 years old this weekend. The tulips (my favs) are from Jim. And here are the things I did:

Decided to get my hair cut and had my niece color it...a proud #22, Cinnaberry. It's quite, uhm, RED! Just when I think I'm getting used it, I look in the mirror and a quick, Whoa!! hits me. I've gotten reactions that range from "I think it's sexy" (from my sweet husband); to "It's butt ugly" (thank for the honesty, FIL. Let's work on the tact.). I like it. And I like the cut. I think it brings out my green eyes. Hopefully, I'll get a pic on soon. So, that's that.

Had lunch with a friend. Got to have an afternoon marguerita.

We went out to eat (Thai food, yummy) and bowling with a group of friends, and had a blast. I actually won a game. I still haven't figured out if Jim let me win or not. I only beat him by 1 point. He's normally pretty good, but I guess had a bad 2nd game. He won the first. Thank goodness for me the other bowlers stunk as bad as me, so my measley 124 looked pretty darn good. Thank you, Kathie, for watching the kiddos for us. Hope your knee feels okay! The first thing Ian said the next morning was, "Where's Kaffie?" He loves you! And so do we! And thank you, Jim, for organizing a great time! I love you!

And I got the sweetest card from a dear friend. She and her 4 children came to town and stopped by for a visit recently. In her card she mentioned me as a hero, mainly referencing having our situation and still reaching out to be a friend to others. That is such a huge compliment, especially coming from her. And although I don't see myself that way, I was sooooo encouraged (and needed it). But, we ALL know that parenting, whether it be to typical or special needs, 1 child or 19, biological or adopted or foster, SAH or working, is THE hardest job on the planet. So, to all you moms (and dads) are all heroes!

Avery sayings: 1) We were on our way home one night and I informed Jim that he would be sleeping on the futon that night (because he had allergies going, and it keeps me up....we switch off sleeping on the futon when necessary...don't worry, no problems). Anyhoo, Avery heard and said, "But Mommy, then I'M gonna want to sleep with you tonight." BTW - at 2:30am, I hear the sweet little voice. I think she was just waiting til I was too tired to say no.

2) Long story short, I went to the store with Avery. We went in one end of the store. I forgot that we did, and at the end of the shopping, we headed for the other end of the store to leave. So, we walked around the outside of the store to get to the other side. Avery asked why we were walking to the other end. I told her it was because I wasn't thinking straight. She thought a moment and asked, "Were you thinking crooked?" Hey, she knows her opposites!