Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Little Chili?

I love it when my kids decide to try something new.  I love it even more when they don't really know they're doing it.  I made chili the other night....for the nice cool rainy evening.  Benjamin immediately reverted to his ole stand-by (and quite frankly, life support) - peanut butter and jelly.  So, as usual, he sucks down his peanut butter and jelly while the rest of us enjoy the chili.  I decided to try the old, "Benjamin, wanna try some of Mommy's?"  Usually I get a turn of the head with a very quick, "No, yuck!"  This time he decided to go for it.  I started small and hopeful, with just a bean.  To my utter amazement I heard, "Ooo, yum!"  I'm not about to stop now.  I raise the bar with a bean and some beef.  Same reaction.  Then I just go for the whole spoonful.  Who cares that he ended up eating all of MY meal (in addition to his).....the boy ate chili for the first time....and he liked it!

Any bets on whether or not he eats it next time?


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