Thursday, June 14, 2012

Stitches and Poster Child

So, I go out with a girlfriend the other night.  We're on our way home and Jim calls me to tell me Avery has cut her eye.  He thinks it might need stitches.  We get home and sure enough, small but deep gash above her eyebrow.  We both freak at the thought of how much she would freak at the thought of stitches.  Shots are horrifying enough for her.  So Jim kindly says, "You take her".  Thanks.  Luckily, my dear friend offers to go with us.  We calm Avery down and she sweetly reminds herself that mommy and daddy will do what they know is best for her.  Fast forward.....

We're at the children's urgent care.  No tears so far.  They have put a numbing gel on the wound.  The stitcher guy is great!  On her level, he basically tells her everything that's going to happen.  He gives her an I-touch to watch.  He never even had to give her a shot of more numbing stuff... the gel did the job.  Fast forward.....

Five stitches later......Avery is standing in front of the door.  I asked her to move away before someone banged the door on her and she had to get more stitches.  She looks at me with this blank stare and asks, "Did I get stitches?"  I say yes.  She says, "I didn't even cry!!"

I was sooooooo proud of her.  So at 11:30pm, I treat her to a Sonic shake.  By the time we got home at midnight, she (we) was one tired little princess.

Who's the poster child you ask?  That would be Ian.  We've dubbed him the new poster child for Costco's Deli Chicken Salad.  We took Ian and Avery shopping at Costco with us (Ian did fabulous!  What a helper!).  They have samples around the store.  We stop to sample the chicken salad.  Typically, Ian like chicken salad, so we let him have the cracker with the salad on it.  He takes a bite.  As the guy is raving about how great the chicken salad is, Ian proceeds to vomit his up....luckily there was a trash can handy.  Yep, people who were on their way to get their sample....walked on by.   :)

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Kathie said...

So proud of Avery! And I guess ian knows his chicken salad!