Friday, June 1, 2012

Seriously? Vomit the last day?

Well, we are officially on summer vacation today.  Avery's school ended the 15th.  The boys' ended yesterday.

Although I know I'll still see the teachers in the hallways next year, it was so hard to say goodbye to Benjamin's teachers.  We've had this team for 5 years (3 with Ian, 2 with Benjamin).  They are incredible.  Hard to believe there will be no more PPCD for us.  It's on to kindergarten for my little Benjamin.  He walked out of school a happy little idea it was his last day. :)   He'll start ESY on the 11th and go for a whole whopping 8 or so days.  (Thank you very little to the school 'budget').

Ian went out with a bang.  Well, more like, with a gag.  Jim got a call from his teacher about 2 hours before the end of the school day.  He had vomited at lunch so I needed to pick him up.  I know if a kid vomits, they have to assume he's sick.  Well, joke's on them.  He just's what he does.  He probably didn't like a particular smell in the cafeteria (can you blame him?).  So, I went to get him.  I can honestly say that this was the worst school year I've experienced with any of my kids so far.  It's not that the teachers/admins were not nice.  Hard to explain, but I'm sure most of you can relate.  I've learned a lot from the year though.  I took a lot of notes of how to and how not to handle certain things.

But, as for Ian, he had a happy year.  Overall, that makes me happy.  I was sad the last day because coming home early meant he would not get to say bye to the bus driver and assistant.  They were great!  Ian had them cracking up everyday when he got off the bus.  Ian starts ESY in July.  I'll have to be sure to blog about that's a whole new way for him this year.  It's a collaboration with YMCA camp.  Hmmmmm.  I had a meeting with the lady who heads the program on the school side.  Sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet lady!  Loved her!   Jim and I went back and forth about having him go or not, after learning some new information that we weren't informed of in the ARD meeting.  In the end, we decided to give it a try.  If all works well in a couple of areas, I think it'll be great for Ian.  Is there EVER going to be a time when there aren't any worries about the things he does?   Ever?   Yeah, probably not.  :)   That's okay....he's worth every bit of it!

Goals for the summer?

Avery:  Learn to ride a bike (yes, we're slackers!);  Learn to swim (swim lessons start next week)
Benjamin: Potty training (still, argh!) - I'll be happy with pee'ing in the potty.....poop in the potty would be a plus.
Ian:  Wake up later than 5:00 A.M.

Here's a few pics of boys during their awards programs:

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Kathie said...

Can I say it? Ian will always be my fav!