Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Toothless Benjamin and Brave Avery

So a few years ago I posted about Benjamin knocking out a tooth at the denist office and then less than 3 months later, knocking out the one right next to it on one of our barstools.  I think that happened when he was 3.  He's now 5.  He's gotten quite used to the 2 missing teeth on top.  Well, now he has to get used to a missing one on the bottom.

We were eating dinner the other night (chicken).  Benjamin reached out his hand to his daddy and said, "Daddy, I don't want this."  Jim obviously thought it was just a piece of the chicken.  But upon closer observation, he realized it was a tooth.  Sure enough, we opened his mouth to find a little blood and an empty space on the bottom.  At least this one was harmless and included zero tears.  Benjamin just gave it to his dad and kept on eating.

Avery got a couple shots this morning.  I held off telling her she'd be getting them til last night.  Of course, the questions came flooding.  Here's the conversation in a nut shell:

Mom: Avery, you'll be going to the doctor in the morning.
Avery: Will I have to get a shot?
Mom: Yes, honey, you will.
Avery: How many?
Mom: Two
Avery: Well, one in this arm and one in this arm?  Or two in this arm (point to right arm)?  Or two in this arm (point to left arm)?
Mom: Well, I'm not sure.
Avery: I'm scared.
Mom:  You can bring one of your dolls to help comfort you if you want.
Avery: (giving me a big hug) Mommy, I already have my doll......it's you!

Can everyone say, "AWWWWWW!!"

She did great!  A few tears before the shots began.  But I led her through how to be a little more relaxed. My brave little girl just smiled after each of them (one in each arm, BTW) saying, "I barely even felt that!  Her first words after the last shot were, "Can we go get icecream?"   How could I say no to that?