Sunday, September 18, 2011

Temple Grandin - In My Opinion

Thank you Karen at Red Letter Living for recommending the movie, Temple Grandin! I have to tell ya that I had never heard her name before. Then in a matter of 2 days I read her name on the blog, read it on an attachment to an email I received, and then heard it on the radio (she's coming to our city for a speaking engagement). Hmmm, definitely knew I wanted to see the movie. So, we watched it last night. Great movie! I laughed, cried, and felt proud. I especially cried (clear to bedtime) during 2 particular parts in the movie...first, was at the funeral when she attempted to hug her mom. Second was the sweetness on her mom's face at the end when Temple was speaking at the Autism Fair. It's like she knew without a doubt that all her hard work and sacrifices were worth it. All the times she left her when she didn't want to, all the times she pushed her (as she 'kicked and screamed' and said, "NO") to do something, all the times she worked with all came together in one proud moment. It really brings a lot of hope.

There are so many times that I've pushed Ian and felt so badly through his anger and tears. But at that given moment, I knew it was what he needed. But as a mom, with a mom's heart, it hurts. I've decided, for me, sometimes the momentary hurt has to be put aside because you know it's for the best. Results may be seen quickly or not for a long time.

I also love the way both her and her mom were able to push (and I mean push) through the nay-sayers and just plain mean people. I for one think the dude Temple punched TOTALLY deserved it! And the men at the cow feed place....I won't even tell you what I woulda planned for them for what they did!

Okay, okay, I need to be done. Great movie. If you haven't seen it, it's worth seeing. That's my opinion!

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Karen Mayes said...

I'm glad you had a chance to watch the movie! It deeply impacted me as well. It is a beautiful movie about a beautiful TRUE story full of hope.