Monday, September 26, 2011

my little baseball player

Ian joined Miracle League and had his first game this past weekend. He had so much fun, and looked so proud. Oh, he looked like such a big boy in his uniform. Since this is the first time we really even let him have a bat in his hand, he did much better using a tee. The first time he hit the ball, he stood there until his buddy led him to the base. When it was time to run to 2nd, he actually ran....and then kept running. Every seen Forest Gump? Uh-huh.

The next time he hit the ball (at least I think he hit it), he decided to run to 3rd base. Not quite sure where his buddy was, but he came back to get Ian and lead him to 1st.

In the outfield he mostly liked talking to his buddy. When a ball rolled out to him, he picked it up, looked like he was going to throw it toward the infield. But then he turned instead and threw it over the fence. He did this twice.

They don't have 'winners/losers' and basically everyone gets to score. He seemed to enjoy it and enjoyed high-fivin' the other players and buddies. I sure enjoyed watching him.

Okay, can't get pictures to open up, so those will have to come next time.

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Kathie said...

You know how he loves to throw stuff over the fence! Haha
Are the games on Saturdays? I'd love to go next time!