Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dare I Say It?

Okay, I'm not the superstitious type, but I'm almost afraid to brag on this. I'm so darn excited, though, I'm going to! Ian has pooped ON THE TOILET for the last 4 (that's 1, 2, 3, 4 people!) days!!! He's gone in on his own and come out telling us he pooped. He's even held off flushing so we can see the proof....we told him we needed to see it to know he really did it. Well, our deal was he gets pizza no matter when or where if he does it on the toilet. So, instead of going broke ordering pizzas, Jim ordered a large and he gets a slice each time he does it. Works good so far. Oh, I wish you could see the proud look on his face! So stinkin' adorable!

I am praying (literally) that he keeps it up. He's been coming home dry and in the same underwear from school as well.

Oh, speaking of school. I talked to his Spec. Ed. teacher (who seems very caring)about several notes that have come home in his binder or on his school work. After deduction, I figured out that it was not her or his classroom teacher, but the T.A. who had been writing them. I've not met her, so I know nothing about her. But I do know they don't pay or train the T.A.'s near as much as they should. Basically, after about 3-4 notes, they became real downers. Things like "Ian had a hard day today", "Ian refused to do his work", "Ian was disruptive". Yeah, so tell me something I don't know. Now, I'm not asking for rainbows everyday. I'm not even asking for these things not to be written. I need to know it all (yeah, I'm a control freak). However, I am asking for positive things as well. Tell me what he did that was a "yea!" His teacher last year ALWAYS sent home notes telling me even the smallest achievement. Not only would it encourage me a bit, but I was also able to encourage Ian with it as well. So give me the bad, I can take it....but not without some good mixed in. That being said, here's the note that was in his binder the day after I talked to the Spec. Ed. teacher...."Ian had the best day he's had all year. He was even quiet in the cafeteria." Hmmmm, do ya think she talked to the T.A.????

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