Sunday, March 9, 2008

Vomit Alert

If you get queasy at the mention of vomit you might not want to read on. :)

My children fooled me again. Ian seemed so much better on Saturday. If you hadn't seem him Friday, you'd never know he looked near death. Today we went to church and he was still great. Then, after, at grandma's he puked. Then, at home, he puked....twice in one hour! And I'm talking liquidy (cause he hasn't eaten much food), projectile vomit. Once on me, then second on the floor.

Avery was so cute. She came up and said, "Mama, Ian vomited?" "Yes, Avery, Ian vomited." "Mama, Ian barfed?" "Yes, Avery, Ian barfed." "Mama, Ian puked?" "Yes, Avery, Ian puked." I think she just wanted to play thesaurus.

Avery came home with 102.4 temperature. She went straight down for a nap. When she got up, she and Ian went outside and played.

Benjamin is acting like he's going to get sick, but I hope not. He's not eating well and is a bit whiney. I'm hoping he's just faking me out.

Hmm, wonder what they will be like tomorrow!

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Kristiem10 said...

Oh no! I hate when that happens. I hope everyone is feeling better soon.