Thursday, March 6, 2008

Disgust - a - What?

Puppy - Before

Puppy - After

Okay. I mentioned once before that I was going to blog about Ian's puppy. We have affectionately named this puppy Disgust-a-puppy. Just look at those before/after pics, and I'm sure you can figure out why. As you can see, it used to have two eyes and a mouth. I recently found the last eye on the floor.
After we weaned Ian from his pacifier at about age 2 1/2, he gained a greater love for his 'puppy'. The way he shows his love to puppy is to chew on him. Needless to say, we needed a game plan for when puppy needed a 'bath'. So, we bought another one. Simple enough. When puppy A was chewed on for a day or so, we'd wash it and get out puppy B. Problem solved. That lasted for a nice while. Then all of a sudden, Ian wouldn't have anything to do with puppy B. He would throw him, and keep saying, "puppy" until he got puppy A back.
Now, I have to work harder to stay on top of keeping puppy clean. If I forget to throw him in the washer while he is at school, it's all over for that day. The first thing he looks for when he gets home is puppy.
Both grandma's have done 'surgery' on puppy, but eventually the stitches come out. The big joke now is if Ian throws puppy at you. Basically the whole room says, "GRROSS!" Except Ian of course. He just can't see the grossness.
Maybe, hopefully soon, Ian will outgrow puppy, or start to grow to like his other one once again. Until then, puppy is just part of the family.


Anonymous said...

My ex husband bought Matty an orange pillow. That thing ended up being the thing he drooled on, sucked, etc. It was NASTY. I also had to throw it in the wash when he headed to preschool. Amazingly, he still has the pillow. It's been like 7 years. He just lays on it now though :)

Kristiem10 said...

That is funny!

Jen said...

Oh puppy, you're not looking so good, but you serve a great purpose in life :)