Friday, January 18, 2008

Moving Right Along

My 4 year old is starting to use his words more...although Mom and Dad, and sometimes younger sister, are the only ones that can understand him sometimes :). I think younger sister (2), is really motivating him. He is still quite aggressive toward her, but overall they really love each other. I just pray each day that she will learn grace and patience with him and that they will truly have a great relationship.

Our youngest (8 1/2 months) is still so happy. He has 2 teeth now. ECI comes to visit him twice a month. He has physical therapy and speech for oral motor. I can really see his low muscle tone, as he still cannot sit up on his own and is quite wobbly even when I'm helping him out. He also does not make an effort to crawl or scoot or anything like that. So, we just work day by day.

Our little lady is working on potty training. I'm hoping once she learns, our oldest will then be more motivated to try. Again we just go day by day, but she is really wanting to do it more. I think she just likes the M&M reward!

Mommy and Daddy are doing well despite our lack of a full night's sleep. Our relationship is great and we work well together as a team. Life is tiring to say the least. I can honestly say we only get our strength from our Lord. He manages in His goodness to sustain us through each day. We struggle with wanting to get all the kids out together (even just for dinner), and not wanting to deal with the work it takes and the looks we get when Ian just gets so loud. Will we ever be able to feel comfortable with it all? Maybe not. Maybe we just do it just to do it. Hmmm.

Even though we have 3 Fragile X'ers, I still sometimes mourn that we will not have anymore children. Crazy, I know. Must just be a woman thing. Being almost 39 years old, you'd think that wouldn't cross my mind anymore after 3. Am I just crazy?

Well, children call me back to duty now.

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FXSmom said...

I still mourn not having any more children. I think I'm crazy too. I have 2 FX'ers and was fixed after the second. I didn't know what to expect with them and wanted to devote my time to the two of them. When I got remarried I gained two more that are 100% mine. Their bio mom has stepped out of the picture. But I still wish I could try to have just 1 more baby. I'm having a hysterectomy next week so I think that is why I keep thinking about it. Nothing is more final than the removal of the uterus.