Monday, February 11, 2013

So Long Norovirus

Yes, this is what our house looked like during our 2 week diarrhea and puke fest, thanks to the norovirus.  This was one mean virus for us.  I'll spare you the details.  Poor Benjamin got hit first.  He was out of school for a week.  Then came Ian and Avery.  They didn't miss as much school, but mainly because theirs hit on a Friday.  Here was the scene in our house the first night they were all affected at the same time:
Ian:  gets up out of chair and vomits on floor
Avery:  climbs over the back of the couch, screams all the way to her room, and stays in there the entire night
Benjamin:  stands and looks at vomit, vomits, and goes on his merry way
As a parent, I've decided I never really know what kind of pain my child is in until I have to go through it myself!   And I did.  Gives me a whole new level of compassion.
We have our furniture and floors back now.

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