Wednesday, January 4, 2012

So Proud

Well we just hit 2 weeks off school. Ian and Benjamin go back tomorrow. I have to say, I usually get really anxious when I know we're going to have that much time off. And this time was no different.

However, the kids did so incredibly well over the time off. That was even traveling by car out of state too. We had no major meltdowns or injuries. There was lots of time of playing nicely together. No illnesses. Wow, what more could I ask for? I would say the biggest problem was when we were with another smaller family member who has a hard time 'understanding' Ian anyway. That was par for course and nothing unusual.

I also forgot to mention that we increased Ian's dose of clonidine to a .2mg pill a day. He still takes 1/4 of the pill in the A.M. and afternoon, and 1/2 pill at bedtime. We're thinking this increase may have contributed to Ian's positive behavior. He's never had the dose increased since he started taking it a couple years ago.

Another step in the right direction is that while we were out of town, Ian decided that instead of saying 'shut-up' (which he picked up and brought home from school - getting disciplined when he'd say it), he would say 'be quiet'. We praised him a lot for this and are very proud of him. We still catch him saying 'shut-up' every once in a while. And he still gets in trouble for it. Now we have to get Benjamin to stop saying it!

On 3 different occasions (not in a row), Benjamin has come to me to tell me he has to go potty and then goes to the bathroom and does it! Treat time!!!!! On of those times he was in the bathtub and told me he had to pee. So I told him to get out and pee. He did. Now that would make any mama proud!

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Kristie said...

Of course they were good for you, they are all such sweet kiddos!! Way to go Ben on using the potty, so proud of you!