Thursday, April 29, 2010

Black Thumb Gardening

No, that's not my beautiful landscaping. Wish it was! Okay, I've been threatening for years to try out gardening and finally plant landscaping stuff. Now that I have a little time by myself before summer starts, I thought it'd be a great time to start. There are no pics, because I start out VERY small. It's kind of like me trying to add wall decor to my house. I'm too 'chicken' because I think, "What if I don't like it there? Now I've got a hole." Yep, that's my thinking. It's not really the small decor that worries me. It's the larger, sinker needed, type stuff. But I've finally concluded that I CAN cover the hole if needed.

Okay, how does that relate to my gardening phobia? Well, I think "What if it dies? How do I know what kind of soil or fertilizer to use, or which part of the house offers the right amount of sun during the day? How do I know what will grow well together?......" Thanks to my friend, Jill, who suggested I just go for it or I'll never start.....I did just that. I read a bit on-line and then just did it. I bought a potted tomato plant, and just a few flowers. I plan on a ground garden for veggies soon, but I have to wait until I can figure out how to keep the rodents/rabbits/other creatures of the night we have hanging around out of it. So, for now, I'm good with potted. I transplanted 2 of the flowers (verbena) into an area under a tree in our front yard; one of the begonias into a pot to use as a house plant; and then one begonia and 2 impatiens in an outdoor pot on our front porch. If anything dies? Okay, I just go buy more. I think I'm reaching a break-through!

I have also decided to really start using the tools I mother-in-law and the internet. I have read so much on-line, I've decided to start a 'gardening' folder. Today, Avery and I are going to start a compost bin. Should be exciting! When I'm feeling more confident, I'll attach pictures.

Any suggestions out there.....I'm all ears!

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Anonymous said...

i have had sort of the same thoughts on gardening ( the i dont knows....) and then this year i have gone all out. plants can be dug up and moved all around if you dont like ( or they dont like) where you origionally plant them. for years i have had pathetic flower beds, we will use that term loosly for they didnt look much like flower beds. but this year the early warm weather has prompted me to go crazy and act like i actually know what i am doing. so far it has worked for me... the faking it. and things are starting to come up and grow. so my advice ( and really i did mean to leave advice here) is to just go for it. nothing bad will happen i promise! plant things dig them up if you need to try different plants out. you would be suprised what will grow where you didnt think it would. Happy Gardening!
Heidi ( i just cant seem to figure out the identity thingy)