Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Little One Pooped! In the Potty!

OMG! He really did it! He'd been pretty consistent going tee-tee when I take him. He'd even come running when I say, "Benjamin, time to tee-tee." So, I heard him grunting in the living room after lunch and thought, hey why not. So I grabbed him up, stripped his diaper off and put him on the potty. After a little while of doing the grunts I taught him, I decided to quit staring and give him a book. Once he got engrossed in looking at it, I snuck away. When I came back I didn't think anything had happened. I picked him up and low and behold, there it all was! I'm sure he thought I was nuts. I praised, and praised, and praised him; he praised himself with a "yesssssss!", then I gave him his Smarties. Oh could this become habit?! Sorry for another poop pic. Only a mom, right?
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SB said...

I totally get it.