Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Go Sooners! Or Not!

This is where we went for Jim's 40th bday. This is the OU/BYU game being played at the new Texas Stadium. The great thing is we went FREE. I actually had a surprise guys' night planned for Jim and his buddies to watch the game and eat, but then Jim called and said a co-worker had a friend she could get tickets from. This is what Jim originally wanted to do for his birthday, but the tickets were so stinkin' expensive, even for nosebleeds.....thanks Jerry Jones. :(
But it all worked out even better. We still got nosebleed (literally the next to the very top row), but they were free. Which meant we could actually pay the ridiculous prices for food/drinks. And we got to park at in a friend's garage that literally lives 2 mintes walking distance from the stadium.
This was our first time in the new stadium. It was incredible. Even with nosebleeds, with the largest HD jumbo tron around, there's really not a bad seat in the house (as long as you don't mind paying out the wazoo to watch the game on a TV). We are OU fans cuz my family lives in Oklahoma and I was raised an OU fan. Jim quickly adapted once we got married. Because they got paid boo-coo bucks, they played this "home" game 3 hours away at the new Texas Stadium.
Horrible thing happened.....THEY LOST! And looked bad doing it!

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Umma said...

Wowee that place looks impressive! I can't believe it's a college game...college ball just isn't the same where I'm from. It's just an afterthought!