Thursday, June 25, 2009


Okay, catch up time. I'm probably missing stuff, but this is what I have time for right now. Although Benjamin isn't in any of the pictures, he's been doing a lot. He's starting to say single words more frequently. He'll say 'mooooorrrrrre', 'dink', 'bite', 'bath', 'dowwwwwn', 'hi', 'bye'. He elongates about everything he says. I hear that's the way is supposed to be done here down south. A 1 second word becomes a 5 second word. Anyhoo, he's doing good. We had an orthotics appointment a few weeks ago. He'll get his SureSteps in about a month. Hopefully that will help get him walking a bit stronger. His knees buckle a lot and his feet pronate a bit. I can't wait to see him in them. I got them with dinosaur print. Okay, so on with the pictures:

My niece got married in April...little late in announcing. She was such a beautiful bride. Look young? That's because she was only 19. (She's 20 now). She's also now pregnant. Can you say honeymoon baby? If she's startin' this young, I expect her to pop out a bunch of babies! Seriously, so hard to think of her as a mom. She seems to have grown up so fast. She'll be a great one though.

Ian lost his tooth a few weeks ago. LITERALLY LOST IT! We have no idea where it is. We just happened to notice his hand and mouth were bleeding. I thought he made his finger bleed by chewing. But then Jim noticed the tooth missing. (Doesn't it seem kinda early for him to be loosing teeth?) We had noticed over the last month that his two middle bottom teeth were spreading apart more. Now we know why. I just hope I don't find that tooth somewhere. I do NOT do well with the whole loose tooth, pull tooth thing! When I taught 3rd grade, that's the one thing I couldn't handle. It's not a gross thing to me. It's more of a "fingernails across a chalkboard type thing." Can't explain it, but it gives me chills just writing about it.

Okay, so the niece got married in April. My nephew (from the same sister as mom to my niece) just got married last weekend. Yes, my sister is quite a bit overwhelmed at becoming a MIL twice and finding out she's going to be a grandmother! This is a picture of Avery and my other niece (from my other sister). Avery was quite the hoot. My niece was the flower girl in both weddings. Cute thing is the dress she is wearing belongs to my oldest niece (that just got married). It's the same dress she (oldest niece) wore in mine and Jim's wedding. Confused yet?

This is my handsome nephew and his new bride. His wedding was a lot of fun. He is 26 and is such a good kid. Not perfect. But he is definitely a family guy. He still hugs and kisses all over his mom and his aunts. I'm really proud of him.

This is my brave Avery. Just last year I couldn't even get her off me in the pool. Now she's jumping all by herself. I wish I could have gotten a picture of her when she has her legs bent and stretched like a frog! We left her at my sister's to spend the week with her cousin after we came back home from the wedding. I go get her today. She's had a lot of fun, but is ready to come home.

Another thing going on is we started the Folic Acid a few months ago for Ian. I'm not sure our neurologist understands much about it. I gave him the info. from the FRAXA sight (Hagerman's stuff). If anyone would like to post a comment to me about how they went about with their dosing, feel free. We're up to 3 (1 mg) pills twice a day. We've worked our way up to that, and will move on to 4 (1 mg) pills next week. Right now the pills are working fine with Ian, but as we move up I don't think it's going to be a great option. But our dr. doesn't seem to know how to get it compounded to a liquid. Like I said, I don't think he's ever gone this route before with his other patients. From what I've read from some, it doesn't seem like an easy process???? Thoughts????


Kristiem10 said...

Good to get an update! Both brides were beautiful. And the grooms looked nice as well.

Jen said...

We've never tried the folic acid, so I have nothing to offer there.
Great pictures!
I know what you mean about the tooth thing! My 4th graders were constantly losing teeth...big teeth! I would always give them a big "ewww, go see the nurse!" Even worse is when they would want to show me a lose tooth...I'm shivering just thinking about it!

Sarah said...

We tried folic acid for about a month. Dr. Hagerman wrote the prescription for the liquid form. We had to go to a special alternative pharmacy that compounds to get it filled. The pharmacy near the MIND makes the stuff all the time. Anyway, we didn't notice too much of a difference and Quinn didn't like taking it, so we gave it up. But I read on another blog (I think Basically FX) that it takes 4 months to start working, so maybe we didn't use it for long enough. I've heard the main benefit is increased attention, and actually Quinn's doing quite well with that with the behavioral interventions at his school, so we probably won't try it again unless we feel it's necessary.

Kathie said...

Ray's Pharmacy at 400 S. Main St. in Mansfield is a compounding pharmacy. They are truly a "home town" pharmacy and will meet you at 2 in the morning if needed. They're the best!

Betsy said...

My guys have taken folic acid for years...along with tons of other stuff. I have never seen anything negative.

Loved browsing down through some posts that I've missed! Lovely weddings, potty training (not lovely but wonderful!) and all the other news! Yea!