Saturday, September 20, 2008

Oh, It's Been a Good News Week!

I adore weeks like this. First, the weather allows for open windows. Next I get great news about my kids.

Week before last, I had been getting not-so-great reports from Ian's teacher. This was after we thought he was improving on the Strattera. On top of that, his nights had drastically began to change, for the worse. He was a lot more irritable and aggressive. So we called the neurologist, who then up'd the dose to 20mg. I don't want to make an assumption since he's only been on the new dose for less than a week, but here are the reports:

Ian is being pulled out of PPCD for 1/2 hour a week, with an aide, into a real PK class. I have had a good report both weeks. The other day, Jim came home and said that the PK teacher wanted to be sure he told me that they watched a movie while Ian was in there, and after the movie, she asked some questions. Ian answered 2 questions....correctly!!!!!! SO excited.

Then his teacher told me that he VERY CLEARLY AND VERY CORRECTLY said, "Mrs. K, Susan hit me." And she commented on how he can read his classmate's names....she even had me watch him do it. His nights have amazingly improved. He still impulsively hits, but will say he's sorry a lot easier (still with prompting). He has been playing more nicely with toys. And, some words were on the TV (I think with Word World), and Ian pointed to the word "dog" and said "dog". I love these moments!

Benjamin's (he is 16 months old) ST and his service coordinator for ECI came out last week to do a DAYC test on him, which would tell about where is his developmentally. Results:
Adaptive - 16 months, Fine motor and gross motor - 11 months (still not walking), language expressive and receptive - 12 months, personal / social - 20 months, cognitive (the biggy for me) - 16 months. Wahooo was all I had to say about it!

Also, we have been trying to work on some sign language with him, but he just never seemed to 'get it'. He would always just look at my hands, or grab my hands as I would do hand over hand with him. WELL, the other day I cut up some more sandwich for him, asked him if he wanted more (I didn't do any sign), and he signed "more" to me!!!!!!! EXCITED! Avery just looked at me and asked why I was screaming.

Avery has had some very good progress with pooping in the potty. She's kinda on the regressing side again, but we just hang in there and praise her when she does it. Not to sound gross, but when she does poop in the potty, it's like the size of Manhattan! Why on earth would ya wanna hold onto that!?


Landon Andrew said...

Hey girl! I can't remember if I talked to you through e-mail or not. I don't think I did. I would love to hear your story. E-mail me at Were you at the conference this summer? Thanks for the comment!

Betsy said...

Yea! That is all such good news! I'm so happy for you! I'll have to Google Strattera and see if it would be something I could try on my boys. So glad you have some things to smile about! :)

Vicki Davis said...

I am so happy for your good news! That is wonderful, and to be advanced in Social is great. Lots of Babies don't walk at 16 months!

When did you start to sign with him, We are thinking of doing it with Holly, but 6 months seems too early.

Umma said...

That IS a good news week! Yay!

Kathie said...

Are you teaching Avery to sign, too? I bet she would love it, and she could be "Mommy's little helper"!