Thursday, February 14, 2008

Marathon Mom

Okay, I wanted to give my sweet and wonderful husband a break. So, I decide to go to Oklahoma for my sister's 40th birthday party....with all three kids! What was I thinking! Actually, it wasn't all bad. The 3 1/2 hour road trip took a bit longer due to 4 stops. One to seatbelt James back in after he undid himself. One to check on David, who was crying and NEVER cries on roadtrips, and one to clean up James and change his clothes after he vomited! Yuck. I forget the last reason...oh yeah, I was hungry and wanted to get something to eat on the go. I can deal with poop and pee, but vomit...not my forte. Henry is the one who saves the day on that one, except that day. To top it off, James vomited again (smaller this time) about 10 minutes from reaching our destination. Okay call me a horrible mom, but I didn't stop. After he had sneezed once and, well, I won't even say what came out, I figured he was messy enough and could hold on til we stopped.

So we get there and guess what. I basically missed the party! Must have been the shortest party in history cuz I didn't think I was THAT late. My brother in law was kind enough to come to the van to get James and stick him in the tub. I wouldn't let anyone near him cuz he smelled so bad.

At first, I figured his vomiting was due to getting hyperaroused, which happens quite often. The next day after nap time I found out this wasn't the case. He woke up extremely flushed with 103.8 temp. Could it have happened at any worse time!? He puked again that day all over the carpet. Again, brother in law came to the rescue with the clean up. I hope they were able to get the stain out better after we left! Poor James was so sick and so sad to watch. However, he was WAY calmer than normal. My husband and I always joke that as much as we hate for the kids to have to go through sicknesses, they are easier to handle in some ways when they're sick....more calm anyway. So, he sat in the chair watching Cars most of the day while Grace happily played with her cousin without her brother chasing her to hit her.

That was basically the worst of the trip. James' fever never really went down and he didn't eat a lot. On the trip home I called the pedi to get an appointment for when we got home. They said they couldn't fit him in!!!!!!!! 103.8 fever and they can't get him in?????? Hmmmm.

We only had to stop once, really quick, to retrieve James' "puppy" (I'll have to blog on "puppy" someday) that he through out of reach. Then, about 5 minutes or less from got it, Grace vomited! So I did clean up duty on this one since Henry was still at work. So, not only did I have the kids all weekend, now they've been home from school all week too. Yes, I've lost my cool a few times, but overall, not a bad week. Funny thing is, when Grace went to get in the van 3 days later she went to get in James' carseat. When I asked her why she was getting in his seat, she said, "Mama, vomit in my seat." So I explained the glory of the washing machine!


Jen said...


I just stumbled upon your blog while searching FX stuff. I don't do too much blogging. I'm 37 and a carrier. My husband and I have been married for 19 years. I have passed the gene to all four of my children; they all have the full mutation. My daughter, 18, has the full mutation but shows NO signs of FX---she's intelligent, she doesn't have anxiety issues, she's not hyperactive, etc. The only thing about her that is probably related to Fragile X is the fact that she can touch her thumb to her wrist! My 16 year old son has moderate retardation with some autism, and my 14 year old son has mild retardation with some autism. We also have a 20 month old son with the full mutation. It gets kind of frustrating at times with the 20 month old, but I just look at my older boys and I'm reminded that it is sooo worth the extra effort it takes. Our kids are amazing!

Anonymous said...

vomit is not fun!

Jen said...

Definitely not fun, especially while traveling. We've been fortunate so far with the youngest....he hasn't had any stomach viruses...yet

Kristiem10 said...

You poor thing! Having sick kids is no fun, much less when you are traveling. Sounds like your brother in law is a great guy!