Friday, August 26, 2011

From Typical to Depressing

So, a few days ago, as I was listening to my 3 FX children beautifully playing and singing nicely together, I told God how wonderful they were and how much I love them, and just what a 'typical', 'ordinary', 'everyday' life that day seemed to be. And I meant it. And of course, I still think my kids are wonderful and love them more than anything. doesn't seem so wonderfully 'typical'. Well, typical in the way I meant a few days ago. It's the 5th day of school. I've talked to his classroom teacher 3 times on the phone, and his Special Ed teacher 3 times on the phone and held email conversations 3 times. As a whole, this is not a bad thing. I like knowing they are keeping me in touch. However, today was a phone call I would rather not have gotten. It was his classroom teacher, and she told me that Ian has pooped three times today. Long story short, the reason she was calling about it was because neither her, nor his Spec. Ed. teacher, nor his aid knew about this 'issue'. She was very kind about it. But I told her that it was talked about in the ARD because it was an issue Jim and I were very concerned about regarding him being in a regular ed. classroom. So, WHY IN THE WORLD DID HIS TEACHER AND SPECIAL ED TEACHER NOT KNOW ABOUT IT! This is the part I HATE about everything being so new for my poor boy. Nobody knows anything now.

Find the say? Okay, here it is. At least none of the times he pooped was in the general ed classroom, so no one was there to make fun of him!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Blanket Mahem

So, there's this blanket that Avery is EXTREMELY attached to, and has been since, oh about...BIRTH! We're rushing about this morning, trying not to be late for her second day of school. She goes into her room, comes out crying and mumbling something I can't understand because she's crying so much. Ian was in her room too, so of course I thought he hit or something. Uh-uh....way worse.

Once I could finally understand her, these were her words, "Ian barfed on my blanket! Now it's ruined!" (more crying continues) Sure enough, poor Ian had vomited in her room, on her blanket and elsewhere.

After all humans and belongings got cleaned up, we managed to convince Avery that I would get her blanket washed and dried and good as new before she even got home from school. And so it is.

Oh, the pains of life. And yes, I got her to school on time...thanks to Jim helping to clean up, getting the boys dressed, and taking them to his school with him until I dropped her off. Love you honey!

Monday, August 1, 2011

To the Point

Well, I was waiting until I had time to post pictures before I updated, but that could be forever. So, I'm just gonna update and will do pictures later...hopefully.

*The family went to Morgan's Wonderland. It was a great trip. The kids did great. This trip gave my hubby the confidence to do other 'shorter destination' trips with hotel rooms with the kids. On the way there, we met up with a mom and her adorable little boy with FX. I first 'met' her from someone's blog entry I commented on, so it was really cool to meet them in person!

*We've managed to stay cool without spending gobs of money this summer. The main way has been swimming at Gramma's or going into the pool in the backyard that is pictured in previous entry. That's been THE best summer purchase this year!

*Avery turned 6. She had a fun luau party at Gramma's with her friends. We had a hard time thinking of something to get her. One day we saw her riding on Ben's tractor and decided to get her a princess jeep. It's a 2-seater. So now Ben goes to his tractor and Ian hops in the jeep with Avery and they all take rides around the backyard. It's amazing how long they've been able to stand the heat when doing something they enjoy.

That's it for now. I hope to post pictures soon.