Monday, August 1, 2011

To the Point

Well, I was waiting until I had time to post pictures before I updated, but that could be forever. So, I'm just gonna update and will do pictures later...hopefully.

*The family went to Morgan's Wonderland. It was a great trip. The kids did great. This trip gave my hubby the confidence to do other 'shorter destination' trips with hotel rooms with the kids. On the way there, we met up with a mom and her adorable little boy with FX. I first 'met' her from someone's blog entry I commented on, so it was really cool to meet them in person!

*We've managed to stay cool without spending gobs of money this summer. The main way has been swimming at Gramma's or going into the pool in the backyard that is pictured in previous entry. That's been THE best summer purchase this year!

*Avery turned 6. She had a fun luau party at Gramma's with her friends. We had a hard time thinking of something to get her. One day we saw her riding on Ben's tractor and decided to get her a princess jeep. It's a 2-seater. So now Ben goes to his tractor and Ian hops in the jeep with Avery and they all take rides around the backyard. It's amazing how long they've been able to stand the heat when doing something they enjoy.

That's it for now. I hope to post pictures soon.

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