Friday, October 14, 2011

So What do Your Kids do at 10:30pm?

My Benjamin is a late-nighter type kid. When we put him to bed, at 8:30pm, he refuses to sleep. He'll sing, play blocks, talk to himself in the mirror, play in his backpack, or try to get our attention some other cute way.

The other night I peeked in on him and he had put his cowboy boots on and was doing "mr. strongman" in the mirror, standing on a tub he had turned upsidedown.

A couple nights later I peeked in. He had dumped all his big legos out of the tub and was sitting inside the tub with his backpack, talking away at whichever stuffed toy would listen.

Bedtime is alwasys my favorite time for cuteness!

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Kristiem10 said...

That's cute. But at 10:30 pm, my kids have fallen asleep. Blake gets up a lot at first, but is usually out by 9.