Thursday, June 23, 2011

IEPs, ESY, DVDs, and PICs

Okay, so Ian is now in summer school!! Long story short (for real this time), after a couple phone calls, the summer diagnostician called us Monday morning to let us know she was completing the amendment paperwork (PAPERWORK only, people) for Ian to begin ESY (Extended School Year - summer school). She said the bus paperwork would take an extra day, but if we could transport him, he could start the following day (Tuesday). So, Tuesday morning we took Ian and Benjamin together. Wednesday he was walking out to the bus with Benjamin...soooo cute. Benjamin actually went without hesitation when he saw his brother going. So, all worked out. Now was there some huge ARD committee meeting needed? NO! Know what they did? One piece of paper changing his start date to ESY. ARG!!! Lesson???? Well lots. However, the most important one for to stop being so anxious about things. Although things will not always work out the way I want in life, I still know Who is in control and should leave that up to Him. I may not always like it, but I can always trust it's the best. So I've got to learn to give up my anxiety....can that really happen with our special kiddos???? Hmmmmm. I'll at least keep trying.

Other news: I don't have a picture of this, but hopefully will at some point. I actually watched Ian one day open the DVD changer, take out the DVD, put in a new DVD, start it, and hit play to start the actual video. I couldn't believe it! Downfall is he hasn't quite gotten to where he puts the DVD's back where they belong, so we could easily be swimming in a pool of DVD's by the end of the day if mom didn't come to the rescue.

And lastly, here are a few pics:

Daddy walking Benjamin to his very first bus ride. Benjamin was not amused or excited by it.Daddy carrying Benjamin onto the bus. The noise from the bus was too much for him. Daddy ended up taking him to school that first day.

This may look like a kid on a microphone. I suppose in a sense, it is. The 'microphone' is actually the handle of a Barbie vacuum cleaner. Yes, cute. Very cute. Benjamin will not be out-done!

Oh, let's not forget the drums...the very, very, very, LOUD drums! And we're going to get him a drum set for his birthday?????? What are we thinking!

Ian continuing on the 'microphone', praising God along with the Mercy Me DVD in the background.

Summer fun in the backyard with a friend.

Umm, a good friend of mine, who would KILL me if she knew I posted this pic. Kristie and Tammy....don't say a word!

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