Thursday, March 3, 2011

Major Leap of Faith

No more hee-hawing around. The decision is made. I will be home-schooling Avery next year for 1st grade. Most of you don't know that this is something I've been struggling with as her school career at her current school draws to and end (it's only PK through Kinder...boohoo). Although I am a certified teacher, schooling my own children scares me to death. Two events have lead to this decision. Both involving the Lord...what a shock.

The first is a book study I'm doing with a dear friend of mine. It's "Beautiful Things Happen when a Woman Trusts God" by Sheila Walsh. The second is a Jonah bible study I'm doing with a group of ladies. Through the Jonah study, I've learned something about myself and this homeschooling Jonah running away from what God called him to do, I've been running away from this homeschooling thing; trying to come up with every reason why I shouldn't do it, and never feeling at peace with any of those reasons. Through the Sheila Walsh book, I've learned that I don't have to be afraid that I don't have what it takes. If this is what the Lord is calling me to do (which I truly believe it is), then He has already (ALREADY) equipped me with what I need and He has already told me that I have what it takes (I just haven't been listening).

This is not really a subject I like to talk about in front of parents who choose not to homeschool, or have only seen the 'failed' homeschool attempts (there's plenty out there). But oh, I feel badly if they've never seen it work. I have plenty of friends who have beautifully homeschooled their kiddos. All have different personalities and thus homeschool differently.

I really don't have opinions for what other parents choose to do. It doesn't bother me if they homeschool; it doesn't bother me if they put them in a private school; it doesn't bother me if they put them in public school. They know what's best for their children and family. So why is it that I get so much slack for my choice? Of course the biggest reason I hear as to why I shouldn't homeschool is "what about their socialization?" Let's NOT even go there. If you're familiar with homeschooling at all, you know that there are plenty of opportunities for socializing. That's all I'll say about that so that I don't accidently offend anyone. :)

As for the boys? Well, Benjamin we know will stay at his public school in the PPCD program. We're very glad about that. Ian? Not quite sure what our options are for him yet. I panic everytime I think about that one. I'm hoping to one day be able to homeschool him, but this upcoming year will not be the year.

So, I am still nervous about what this will look like, but very peaceful that God has truly shown me the best direction for Avery's schooling. I always love it when I know that He has put His hand in my life to guide me! I hate feeling lost! Anyone have any encouraging words for me......I'm all ears.

Avery saying:
Me: "Avery, what did you learn at school today?"
Avery: "I learned that the moon is 150 million gallons away!"
(I forget the number she used. It's the 'gallons' that cracked me up.)


r_is_moody said...

Woohoo, way to listen!!! You are such a strong woman and a wonderful teacher. I know that homeschooling will be a hard adjustment, but I also agree that God has already equipped you to do it!!

As for Avery's saying...she is just too stinking cute. Can't wait to see her and the other kiddos in a couple weeks...oh and you and Jim too!!!!

jen said...

Sounds great! We have many homeschoolers in my family--I'm the oddball who sends my kids to public school.