Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Need Help Quick!

We are getting ready to start Benjamin's immunizations. We chose to wait until he would be entering the germ infested atmosphere of school. That time is about to start. He's 3. I believe that some of the earlier immunizations are dud now at his age. So, I'm looking for information on a schedule/immunizations to go by at this age. We opt not to do the MMR. The book I've read doesn't really give an alternative schedule this late, except for a few of the immunizations. If you have a good website to go to, a book, or a good email help, please reply back quickly. I have his appointment to go in this Friday. Yes, I'm a procrastinator. If I have to, I can cancel his until I get more information. Just thought I'd check with you all first. Thanks!


Bonnie said...

I got an alternative immunization schedule from a friend of mine.....what's your email? I can send it to you!

Miles said...

Try using Google Health and a free application called izaware at www.izaware.com. For your situation it is perfect because it personalized; it will let you know if your child's past immunizations are valid and show you what is needed next based on age, gender and past immunizations.. Also, for the future, you can keep track of the immunizations by entering them into your Google Health profile. I use the application and it is really cool. I was recommended to use it by a doctor friend. He said the software is used in actual immunization clinics. Hope it helps.