Monday, February 1, 2010

Stop Procrastinating!

Oh, I'm such a procrasinator! Can't stand it, but it's true. Can I say it's the FX part of me? Sure, why not. I'm working on switching back to our old neurologist. I FINALLY called their office and left a message. I asked for the doctor to be the one to call back so I could ask him directly some questions. I want to know if he'd be more open to researching than our current one is. So, if he's actually the one to call me back, I will be extremely impressed.

I'm also working on taking advantage of services Ian and Benjamin just received from In Home and Family Support. I got an email from our rep who informed me they were running out of funds so she wanted to get us the services we want. Problem is, I'm not sure what they are. I know one would be Hippotherapy. Again, I've got to get on the ball. I need to call our insurance company first to see if they cover it...doubt it though. I also have to get a script from our pediatrician. The other thing I'm hoping for is a device for Benjamin to help with his speech/communication, as well as computer programs that might help out. Gotta get on-line to see what's out there! So, these are my goals for this week. IF ANY OF YOU KNOWS OF ANY GOOD SOFTWARE PROGRAMS, CD'S, DVD'S, OR BOOKS FOR THE KIDS, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! ANYTHING EDUCATIONAL OR DEVELOPMENTAL (SPEECH/COMMUNICATION DEVELOPMENT).

Jim and I have been talking about totally enclosing in our back patio. Currently, it's closed in, but with screens and screen door and pebble-rock ground. So, it's still more outdoors like than indoors. We have absolutely NO idea how to even begin...who to talk to to see how much it will cost us. I'm hoping we can even afford it. The reason we want to do it is so that we could use it as a school room for the kids. I decided if I'm really going to do what I can to home-school, then I have to have a place for it (schooling and all the schooling stuff). Jim and I are both procrastinators when it comes to BIG projects (especially that cost).

I can't wait to hear how Ian does at school today. He was CRACKING HIMSELF UP in bed since 3:30am this morning. He never went back to bed. It's funny to hear him cause I really want to know what he's laughing at. I always say he sees angels. He left for school so pepped, that you'd never know he'd been up that long.

Well, better go get started with some of those things on my list. Have a great day all!

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Holly's Mom said...

I highly recommend an iPod Touch for him, they have this new software that turns it into an adaptive speech program, these machines are usually in the thousands of dollars when an iTouch is a few hundred and the software about a hundered, so it is much more cost effective.

Good Luck, I hope the Neurologist calls back, also how did you get services to cover hippotherapy, I can;t imagine with budget cuts here they would ever allow it. is it for low tone? High tone?