Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Did I Really Do That?

So, I go to Kohls to buy a shower curtain. Of course, the one I like I cannot find on the shelf. When I asked an employee about it, she said she would go see if they had any in stock. So I wait, and wait, and wait. No kidding.....for 25 minutes!!!! Finally, I saw another employee, told him about the disappearing lady, so he goes to see if he can find her and the shower curtain. He comes luck finding the lady and no luck finding the shower curtain. So he says, "wanna just buy the display?" I say, "Sure". So he takes it down and I take it to the register.

A friend of mine asked me later if I asked for an extra discount since it was a display. Nope, I don't ever think that fast. I take the curtain home. A couple days later I go to put the hooks in to hang it up. Oh, first I have to work 20 minutes just getting a display tag off the shower curtain. Why 20 minutes you ask? Because of what the curtain is made of, it's fragile. If I were just to rip off the tag, it would have ripped a big hole in the curtain. Okay, then I go to put the hooks on. I'm putting it on with the liner. All of a sudden, I run out of shower curtain, but I don't run out of liner! The display is a partial shower curtain!!!! Okay, some of you would probably have been smart enough to notice that at the store before you decided to say, "Sure". I, however, did not. I just knew I wanted THAT shower curtain.

Embarrassingly, I had to take it back. Lucky for the me, the clerk didn't mention anything about how I didn't notice. She only said, "They sold it to you that way? You should have asked for a discount".

You will be glad to know that they had the actual shower curtain the day I went back.


Anonymous said...

I would have not even taken it back. I would be so embarrassed. This is totally something I would do. You are so much braver than I am. And thank goodness they had it the second time around!!

Jen said...

That's funny!

Vicki Davis said...

HAHA, Gave me a giggle! Glad you got the right one in the end!

the other lion said...

okay, that is funny. and it is something i would do, too. =)

Kristiem10 said...

That sounds like something I would have done.