Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Avery Update

Well, Avery is still just a sweet little princess......with some attitude. We're working on that. Who can blame her though with bro hitting on her and pulling her hair??? Some days I wish she would just have some super power strength and club him a good one. Problem is, he would probably just laugh. Anyhoo, Avery and I had some mommy/daughter time away at a hotel this past weekend. The goal was to do whatever the little princess wanted to do, with no interruptions. So, what did she choose do, you ask? We checked into the room, took our shoes off and jumped on the bed. Then she headed for the remote and pushed buttons like a mad woman. Then we went out to eat and got icecream. Then back to the hotel where we painted toes, did crafts, played games, took a bath, pushed buttons like a mad woman again on the remote, and ate princess snacks while drinking a princess drink. She loved it. Then around her bed time (which she told me when that was) she was ready to go home and see daddy. It took her a while to catch on to the plan, which was to STAY ALL NIGHT. When we checked in I had tried to talk her into getting her own bed, but she would have nothing to do with that. She said she might get scared. So much for mommy getting a good night's sleep. So, we got the king.....and she slept right next to me....then perpendicular to me.....then partially on me.....then perpendicular again. I didn't sleep too great. But we had a wonderful time and she's ready to do it again.

She's still doing great in her preschool. She loves to read the letters of words and read numbers. She can say her phone number. We're working on the days of the week. Also out of the blue, she told me when her birthday is. I didn't even know she knew. She loves to go in Ian's room at bedtime and say a night night prayer and sing to him. It's really cute to hear her pray. She thanks Jesus for EVERYTHING! Last night, she thanked God for Uncle Josh and asked Him to protect his heart and his BOTTOM! I almost called Uncle Josh and asked if there was a problem with his bottom.

Latest Avery sayings:
**When we were getting on to the elevator to go up to our room at the hotel (she HATES elevators), she stood outside of it and said, "Mommy, I don't want to get on the ALLIGATOR."
**There's a song we listen to that says, "Come where the peaks meet the sky." However, when Avery sings it, it turns to, "Come where the PIGS meet the sky."
**The other day she asked for a video that we don't even have at our house. So, I asked her, "Avery, where did that come from (meaning where did that thought come from)?" She waited a minute then said, "It came from my mouth."

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Vicki Davis said...

She is so adorable, your priness party sounded like so much fun. it is so wonderful to get to hear about other fx girls.

It sounds like she isn;t having any issues with tantrums or mood swings yet?