Saturday, April 28, 2012

Benjamin Turned 5

I absolutely cannot believe it. I know we always say our kids grow up so fast. Well, it's true. Yes, I know he's only 5, but he's my baby. That means the last one to turn 5. I really just want to freeze him, as is. Period.

So, on his birthday we all met the grandparents up at McDonald's for dinner and playtime. As usual at McD's, the company was great, food was gross. But kids liked the food, so there you have it. Afterward, we went to grandparents for a swim. My kids love to swim! My goal is to get them out of arm floaties as soon as possible. Not sure how long that will be, but I'll be glad when it happens. I think Avery will be out of them after her swim lessons this summer. After the swim we had icecream sandwiches for dessert. Then the kids were WIPED OUT. Oh, they tried to make out like they weren't tired. But when their heads hit the pillow.....OUT LIKE LIGHTS. For his gift, we got him a tent and little lanterns and a baseball mitt. Grandparents got him a sleeping bag, water cantine, binoculars, and camping chair. Our goal is to camp outside sometime during the weekend. Benjamin is our total outdoor kid.

Last night Benjamin had his 'friends' birthday party. So much fun! We had 20 kiddos come (and parents of course). We planned on it being an outside party, so thank goodness God blessed us with great weather for it. With the bounce house we rented, we also have a trampoline, swingset, and sandbox. So, because the kids were all dispersed out, it went really, really well. We served Benjamin's favorite meal in the whole world...peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, fruit, and chips. I made a tent cake and cupcakes for dessert (with icecream of course). We had a great time! Happy birthday my little Boo-Boo!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Those *#!%@#! Fire Ants!

What do I hate about our area of Texas? FIREANTS! They sent Ian to the emergency room several years ago, and they continue to foster fear in my heart and mind every summer! This year, because winter basically decided to skip us, the little useless suckers are out earlier. We have Epipens, Benadryl liquid, and Benadryl cream always on hand...except yesterday.

Avery came running in from the backyard telling me that Benjamin got bit by fireants. I asked her how she knew they were fireants that bit him. She said because she saw him pick up the mound and then heard him screaming. Oh my! I ran out and got him. Sure enough, the mound and the ants were all over his hands. Panic attack! Ran into the bathroom and cleaned him up. Put cream on him. Had no liquid! Instead of overreacting with the Epipen (which can be a dangerous thing), I watched him for a while. When Ian got attacked, every part of his body began to swell tremendously. Benjamin's hands and arms were bit pretty badly. They were all red and swollen. But as time went on (and many, many, many tear), I saw no swelling anywhere else. By the end of the day, all I could see were little bites. Whew!

When I got the full story from Avery, she told me he picked it up thinking it was just dirt to throw. Poor little guy!

Did I mention....I HATE THOSE THINGS!